Details about rules and circulars list
S.No Title Action
1 Revised time limit for grant of Provisional NOC View / Download
2 Mandate for filing online applications only (For industries) View / Download
3 No Objection Certificate Applications Discontinued through Mee Seva View / Download
4 2017FIN_MS128 Exemption from obtaining Advance Stamp Receipts View / Download
5 Delegation of Powers for issue of No Objection Certificate View / Download
6 GO 306 Levy Rules View / Download
7 Go. No. 333 Condemnation of Vehicles View / Download
8 ms253home standby duty for private View / Download
9 MS No. 19 IT Consultancy & Software Development View / Download
10 Memo 4011 Addl. Fire Safety Measures for existing buildings View / Download
11 GOMS NO135 A.P. Cinemas Rules View / Download
12 GO486 A.P. Rules for Multiplex Comlexes View / Download
13 GO_MS 328 Change of Nomenclature of A.P. Fire Services View / Download
14 GO.No.133 uniform badges for various ranks for the A.P. Fire Services View / Download
15 GO MS No. 520 observence of protocal during the functions View / Download
16 GO MS No. 348 observance of Protocol dealing with MP's and VVIPs View / Download
17 Go MS No. 249 evelopment activity in the vicinity of Airports View / Download
18 GO MS No. 168 A.P. Building Code View / Download
19 GAD_MS No. 520 Observance of Protocal during the functions View / Download
20 G.O.Ms.No.574 A.P. Fire Service Rules View / Download
21 G.O.MS.NO.314 Approval of the Syllabus for refreshers course of SFO View / Download
22 G.O.MS.NO.313 A.P. Sub-ordinate service rules View / Download
23 G.O.Ms.no.205 Uniform Badges of Rank, Peak cap, Car Flag and Blue Star Plates View / Download
24 G.O.Ms no.148 Delegation of Financial Powers View / Download
25 G. O. 154 Fire Protection and Fire Safety meaasures in Existing Buildings View / Download
26 DUTIES IMPLEMENTATION OF 24HR DUTY MEMO 1460-E2-99 30-12-2008 View / Download
27 Circular memorandum Records View / Download
28 Circular Memorandum for inspection of all hazardous View / Download
29 circular Memo.No.17225 Retention of all the Office Bearers of Recognized Service Associations View / Download
30 circular Memo NO.245 Exemption from transfers for the Officer Bearers View / Download
31 2015HO_MS140 User Charges View / Download
32 2013HO_MS177 A.P. Cinema Theatre rules View / Download
33 2010HO_MS71 User Charges View / Download
34 GO.Ms.No119 Model Building ByeLaws 2016 of GoI – Andhra Pradesh Building Rules 2017 View / Download
35 GO.Ms.No.112 conditions for setting up the Mini Theatres View / Download
36 GO.Ms.No.75 Authorizing third party for inspection – Partial modification of the existing rules View / Download
37 GO.Ms.No.169 Revised Periodicity View / Download
38 GO.Ms.No.90 Joint Inspection along with other line Departments with regard to EODB Amendment View / Download
39 CIRCULAR MEMORANDUM:Delegation of Powers Revised Orders Dt:02.05.2023 View / Download
40 GO.Ms.No.23 Collection of fee for imparting training courses-revision of rates DT:10.02.2012 View / Download
41 MEMORANDUM:Periodcity for issuance of Renewal of NOC for Non Residential and Residential Buildings View / Download
42 GO.Ms.No.137 -Revised Fire Safety Measures for Cotton Ginning Mills for built-up area-wise structures of more than 1000 Sq.mts View / Download
43 GO.Ms.No.20 Empanelment of Certified agencies for installation and supply of Fire Fighting Equipment - Permission accorded View / Download
44 GO.Ms.No.44 Report submitted Annulment of Gazettes based on the recommendations of the Committee View / Download
45 GO.Ms.No.21 Civil Defence Organisation In the State of Andhra Pradesh Designation of Director General, State DRFS Department as Director, Civil Defence of the State of Andhra Pradesh View / Download
46 CIRCULAR MEMO:2017 Issue of NOCs by the Fire Services Department for construction of buildings in terms of Building Rules n AP. View / Download
47 GO.Ms.No.116 Mandating all applications for clearances to be filed online through SDP only and competent authorities not to entertain applications directly from the entrepreneurs View / Download
48 GO.Ms.No.146 Exemption of fire precautionary fee @ Rs. 10/- per Square Meter of total built-up area for issuance of NOC for all categories of Fire NOC to all government hospital buildings View / Download
49 GO.Ms.No.452 Waiver of fire precaution fee and requirement of Bank Guarantee by the State Government / Municipal bodies Exemption View / Download
50 CIRCULAR MEMORANDUM : Annulment of Gazettes View / Download