Andhra Pradesh State Disaster Response And Fire Services Department

Gos & Circulars
1 GO 306 Levy Rules Click here
2 Go. No. 333 Condemnation of Vehicles Click here
3 ms253home standby duty for private Click here
4 MS No. 19 IT Consultancy & Software Development Click here
5 Memo 4011 Addl. Fire Safety Measures for existing buildings Click here
6 MeeSeva Click here
7 GOMS NO135 A.P. Cinemas Rules Click here
8 GO486 A.P. Rules for Multiplex Comlexes Click here
9 GO_MS 328 Change of Nomenclature of A.P. Fire Services Click here
10 GO.No.133 uniform badges for various ranks for the A.P. Fire Services Click here
11 GO MS No. 520 observence of protocal during the functions Click here
12 GO MS No. 348 observance of Protocol dealing with MP's and VVIPs Click here
13 Go MS No. 249 evelopment activity in the vicinity of Airports Click here
14 GO MS No. 168 A.P. Building Code Click here
15 GAD_MS No. 520 Observance of Protocal during the functions Click here
16 G.O.Ms.No.574 A.P. Fire Service Rules Click here
17 G.O.MS.NO.314 Approval of the Syllabus for refreshers course of SFO Click here
18 G.O.MS.NO.313 A.P. Sub-ordinate service rules Click here
19 G.O.Ms.no.205 Uniform Badges of Rank, Peak cap, Car Flag and Blue Star Plates Click here
20 G.O.Ms no.148 Delegation of Financial Powers Click here
21 G. O. 154 Fire Protection and Fire Safety meaasures in Existing Buildings Click here
22 DUTIES IMPLEMENTATION OF 24HR DUTY MEMO 1460-E2-99 30-12-2008 Click here
23 Circular memorandum Records Click here
24 Circular Memorandum for inspection of all hazardous Click here
25 circular Memo.No.17225 Retention of all the Office Bearers of Recognized Service Associations Click here
26 circular Memo NO.245 Exemption from transfers for the Officer Bearers Click here
27 2015HO_MS140 User Charges Click here
28 2013HO_MS177 A.P. Cinema Theatre rules Click here
29 2010HO_MS71 User Charges Click here

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